The EVS3 is a compact thermal imager for today’s aviator

It allows you to see terrain,obstacles, and other aircraft in total darkness, through smoke, smog, dust and haze. It not only provides video imagery of the entire runway environment, but exposes details like people, animals and vehicles on active runways and taxiways as well.

EVS3’s lightweight housing allows for tremendous installation flexibility; it is “install-ready” as designed or with a fairing, using any of the attachment points on the top, bottom, and each side. The EVS3 is a single-component system with simple “power-in, video-out” integration. Its composite video output connects directly to most displays that have an auxiliary video input – no extra black boxes are required! Three lens options (20º, 35º, & 46º) tailor the field of view to accommodate your flight profile; choose to see what your platform performance demands!